Our 2004 Civil Engineering Alumni Return to School Exchange Activities

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On November 18th, a student from Class 5 of the 2004 Civil Engineering program at our college returned to school fifteen years after graduation. They gathered with the college teachers to reminisce about the past and talk about the future together.

The alumni revisited the old style of the campus. The golden avenue and the red bishop's building are all shadows of youth, and everyone can see the tremendous changes that the school has made in recent years. Subsequently, the alumni held a special themed class meeting, where everyone shared their life experiences, discussed industry trends, and chatted about life changes, cheering and encouraging each other.

A worker, a lifelong passion for work. Alumni expressed that Hefei University of Technology is a place where everyone's dreams set sail, and also a home that strives to support and assist alumni in their progress. Everyone has the original intention and mission of serving the country through industry, and carries forward the glorious tradition of hard work, self-improvement, pursuit of excellence, and courage to climb new heights of their alma mater. They cultivate a strong sense of patriotism and set sail on their respective paths of life, steadily moving forward.

Teachers Liu Bingkang, Zhang Xiandong, Tang Ying, and Xiaolong Li from the School of Civil Engineering also participated in this event, caring about the alumni's experience and feelings towards the return to school event. They expressed that alumni are a valuable asset for the development of the school and the college, and hope that alumni can work together with the school and the college to contribute to the construction of an internationally renowned research-oriented high-level university and a number of world-class disciplines.

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