Our 2003 civil engineering alumni return to school exchange activities

Time:2023-12-10 FROM:合肥工业大学土木与水利工程学院英文网站

On November 18th, students from Class 7 of Civil Engineering in the School of Civil Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering of Hefei University of Technology, who had undergone 20 years of baptism, gathered again at Hefei University of Technology to reminisce about their classmates.

On the morning of that day, alumni from the 2003 cohort returned to their alma mater wearing a unified commemorative T-shirt, measuring the Hubing Pond, Liren Lake, Dongfeng Square, basketball court, and other places in Tunxi District and Feicui Lake Campus with their footsteps. They also held a unique themed class meeting, as if bringing everyone back to their college years of twenty years ago, recalling the growth and gains they had experienced together. The video carefully prepared by the Hefei Organizing Committee of the Alumni Branch directly pushed the atmosphere of this event to Gaohu.

The video opens the chapter with the campus scenery, including the solemn Hu Bing Hall, the dignified South Gate of the new district, and the vibrant wind and rain playground, all of which make everyone feel the earth shattering changes of the University of Technology over the past 20 years. Alumni feel proud and proud of their alma mater. Alumni have expressed their deep affection for and gratitude towards their alma mater, providing suggestions and contributions to the construction and development of their alma mater, and adhering to their responsibility to repay society.

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