Reviewing Red History and Remembering Our Original Aspiration and Mission - The Party Branch of the Environmental Protection Department went to Jing County to Carry out Red Education Theme Party Day Activities

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The Party Branch of the Department of Architecture and Environment at the School of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering of Hefei University of Technology held a Party Day activity with the theme of Reviewing Red History and Remembering Our Original Aspiration and Mission from September 2-3 at the Red Education Base in Jingxian County.

At the Memorial Hall of Wang Jiaxiang's former residence, following the footsteps of the guide, we revisited the glorious life of Wang Jiaxiang's dedication to the Chinese revolution, dedicating himself to the interests of the Party, the country, and the people through six major sections: Fenghua Era, Loyal Soldier, Three Major Contributions, Excellent Leadership, Outstanding Diplomacy, and Forever Remembrance. All party members and teachers, facing the bright red party flag, made a solemn oath, revisited the oath of joining the party, and received a baptism of party spirit in their deep thoughts.

At the Martyrs Cemetery of the Anhui Southern Incident, everyone visited the entrance monument, theme square, main monument memorial square, and the Tomb of Unknown Heroes with great respect. Exciting inscriptions touched the soul, precious photos reflecting history, towering monuments, and revolutionary stories that shook people's hearts. All teachers felt that the New Fourth Army soldiers had overcome countless difficulties The revolutionary spirit of fighting to the end and the heroic spirit of disregarding life and death.

In the Memorial Hall of the Former Site of the New Fourth Army Headquarters and the Exhibition Hall of New Fourth Army Historical Materials, everyone visited the Military Staff Office, the Military Conference Room, the Military Hall, and other places where the older generation of revolutionaries such as Ye Ting and Xiang Ying fought and lived. They watched precious revolutionary cultural relics and historical materials pictures, carefully listened to the heroic deeds of the New Fourth Army's bloody struggle and tenacious resistance against the enemy during the Anti Japanese War, and gained a detailed understanding of the formation of the New Fourth Army The important history of development and growth, as well as the Anhui South Incident, collectively reviewed the tragic, intense, and persevering years of battle, deeply remembered the heroic deeds of revolutionary martyrs, and personally felt the fearless spirit of the New Fourth Army's continuous progress.

Through this learning activity, we had a deep understanding of the arduous revolutionary struggle history of the CPC and the people's army under its leadership, and realized that today's peaceful life is hard won. Everyone expressed that in future work, they will further establish the belief of learning from the older generation of revolutionaries, fully play the leading role of Party members as pioneers and models, transform the gains of red education into a strong driving force for conscientiously doing education and teaching work, never forget their original intention, remember their mission, and persist in educating people for the Party, nurturing talents for the country, and contributing their own strength to the development of the school cause.

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