Our alumni and teachers were invited to participate in the "Hefei University of Technology Alumni Entrepreneurs Innovation and Development Forum"

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On October 28th, the Hefei University of Technology Alumni Entrepreneurs Innovation and Development Forum was held in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province. More than ten alumni from the college were invited to participate, and relevant officials attended the event.

This event is aimed at deepening the implementation of the strategic deployment of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which states that technology is the first productive force, talent is the first resource, and innovation is the first driving force. The school actively responds to the overall layout of the provincial party committee and government's building a province of innovation as a high-quality development lever, aiming to make our province an important talent highland and innovation highland, and further strengthen city school cooperation to promote the integration, innovation, and high-quality development of cities and universities, Give full play to the promoting role of Double First Class university talents in the local economy. The forum includes multiple agendas such as the unveiling ceremony of the Industrial and Technological University Smart Valley (Chuzhou), academician reports, and entrepreneur roundtable forums.

During the event, Dean Wang Jingfeng had a friendly exchange with alumni around the theme of the conference, and alumni responded one after another. Everyone gathered together to focus on industry hotspots, analyze market trends, plan innovative ideas, seek entrepreneurial cooperation, and engage in lively discussions to strengthen the connection and cooperation between schools and alumni, and promote the common high-quality development of schools and local economies.

The alumni who participated in this event include Yao Shenglong, a Class 83 civil engineering student, Liu Jibing, a Class 85 civil engineering student, Xu Ming, a Class 95 civil engineering student, Li Zehui, a Class 96 civil engineering student, Li Hai, a Class 00 civil engineering student, Yue Lizhang, a Class 02 civil engineering student, Ke Lijun, a Class 06 civil engineering student, Sun Zuohao, a Class 07 civil engineering student, Yu Mingsong, a Class 08 civil engineering student, and Wan Xichao, a Class 10 water conservancy student.

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