School Enterprise Friendship Promotes the Development of Civil Engineering College Badminton Team and East China Technology Company Badminton Friendship Tournament

Time:2023-10-12 FROM:合肥工业大学土木与水利工程学院英文网站

In order to promote the in-depth development of school enterprise cooperation and enhance communication, on the afternoon of July 28th, Liu Mei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Civil Engineering and Water Conservancy Engineering, and Chen Long, Vice Chairman of the College Trade Union, led the badminton team teachers and students of the college to Donghua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. to hold a school enterprise friendly badminton competition.

Before the start of the competition, Liu Mei, Secretary of the Party General Branch of our institute, and Chen Zhirong, Deputy General Manager of Donghua Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. delivered speeches respectively, highly praising and affirming the social activity, and also encouraging the players from both sides who participated in the competition.

Adhering to the sports spirit of friendship first, competition second, both players have fully demonstrated their personal exquisite skills, showcasing various ball skills such as long shots, spiking, splitting, and dribbling to the fullest. The whole game was played fiercely and smoothly. Exciting moments and gripping scenes won bursts of applause. The whole game was brilliant, with the team members demonstrating friendship, style, and level.

After the game, Secretary Liu Mei had a friendly exchange with Deputy General Manager Chen Zhirong. Both the school and the enterprise stated that the game does not matter whether it is won or lost, and communication, exchange, and cooperation through the badminton platform are the true purpose. I hope to organize more social activities in the future, which will not only enrich the leisure life of employees, but also enhance the relationship between schools and enterprises, and deepen the cooperation between schools and enterprises.

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