Six scholars from our institute have been selected for the top 2% global scientists list

Time:2023-10-12 FROM:合肥工业大学土木与水利工程学院英文网站

On October 4, 2023, Stanford University and Elsevier Data Repository released the sixth edition of the World's Top 2% Scientists 2023. Six scholars from the School of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering at Hefei University of Technology were selected, including Wang Jingfeng, Wang Changjian, Wang Zhiliang, He Wei, Wang Yixian, and Meng Zeng. In 2021, our school selected 4 professors, increased to 5 in 2022, and increased to 6 in 2023, indicating that the basic research level and international influence of the School of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering have been continuously improving in recent years.

The list selected 2% of the world's top scientists from nearly 7 million scientists worldwide, with data covering 22 fields and 174 sub disciplines. Conduct a comprehensive evaluation and scoring based on the following six criteria: 1) Total citation amount of the paper; 2) Hirsch H-index; 3) Revised Schreiber Hm index by co authors; 4) Individual author; 5) Individual or first author; 6) Citation volume of articles by individual, first, or last author. Being selected as one of the top 2% scientists globally means that the scholar has a high global influence in their research field.

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