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Time:2023-10-12 FROM:合肥工业大学土木与水利工程学院英文网站

Recently, hefei university of technology department of civil and hydraulic engineering college and the university of Birmingham, UK tech international joint conference, held online combining ways. University of Birmingham, UK, tech Lei Chen, professor, director of Vivian Zheng, Fei, Ms. Ye, hefei university of technology, deputy director of international affairs hu jia, the deputy director of the office of zhang yi, the section chief liang-mei hu, dean of department of civil and hydraulic engineering Wang Jingfeng, zhang, vice President of the college teaching department, foreign affairs office and related person in charge.

Wang Jingfeng first of all, on behalf of the department of civil and hydraulic engineering institute for attendees, a warm welcome, summarizes the college and university of Birmingham international education college of engineering progress, and facing the outstanding problems, made planning for the next stage work and the suggestion. Two school curriculum scheme in the match, the two sides have school credits, Sino-British certification, etc are discussed. Hu jia, deputy director of the process of cooperation in running schools to both sides made guidance; Zhang yi, deputy director of the cooperation in running schools training scheme are proposed.

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