PhD student Cui Weiyi won the Outstanding Report Award at the 2023 China Healthy City Science Annual Conference

Time:2023-10-12 FROM:合肥工业大学土木与水利工程学院英文网站

Recently, the 2023 China Healthy City Science Annual Conference was held at Tongji University in Shanghai. Cui Weiyi, a doctoral student majoring in civil engineering, as the presenter (supervisor: Professor Li Zao, co authors: Meng Cheng, Li Qingtao, Wei Tianbao, Sun Xin, Li Chunyang), distinguished himself from more than 210 reports both domestically and internationally in his paper Recovery and Exploration: Optimization Strategies for Outdoor Rest Space in Hospitals Based on Pedestrian Needs and won the Excellent Report Award.

The theme of this conference is Our City, Our Health - Healthy City Research and Planning Practice, jointly organized by the Healthy City Professional Committee of the China Urban Science Research Association and the Healthy Geography Professional Committee of the China Geographical Society for the first time. The meeting invited relevant experts from the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and other countries, as well as over 300 representatives from domestic universities, research institutes, and planning and design companies to participate in the discussion on-site.

This annual conference is an important measure to implement the national strategy of Healthy China and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, showcasing the cutting-edge direction of global urban research, providing a high-level platform for promoting theoretical innovation and practical exploration of healthy cities, and laying a solid foundation for promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and talent cultivation in healthy cities.

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