The School of Civil Engineering successfully held the third Sports Culture Festival of "Burning Youth and Pursuing Dreams with Concrete"

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From October 14th to 15th, the third Sports and Culture Festival of the School of Civil Engineering and Water Conservancy, titled Burning Youth with Concrete and Pursuing Dreams, was successfully held at the west playground of the Tunxi Road campus. Wu Guojian, Secretary of the School Youth League Committee, Nie Jinsong, Deputy Director of the Sports Department, Sun Huacai, Director of the Organization Department of the Party Committee of the Fourth Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Communications Second Navigation Bureau, Zhang Hao, Recruitment Manager of the Human Resources Department of the Fourth Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Communications Second Navigation Bureau, and more than 1000 teachers and students attended the cultural festival and the opening ceremony.

At 9:00 am on October 14th, the athletes of the football team, handball team, undergraduate basketball team, graduate basketball team, and track and field team of the Civil Engineering College entered the stadium with vigorous steps. The opening ceremony officially began, and the heroic national flag guard team escorted the five-star red flag into the stadium with sonorous steps. All teachers and students stood solemnly, expressing their love for the party, patriotism, and school with the magnificent national anthem. Dean Wang Jingfeng expressed warm congratulations on the holding of this sports and cultural festival, sincere greetings to all athletes, and heartfelt gratitude to all referees and staff. He stated that the college fully implements the Party's educational policy, with moral education as the fundamental goal, and regards the all-round and multi-level development of students as an important goal of talent cultivation. It attaches great importance to the important role of sports in education, and sports people has become an important carrier for the college to cultivate new talents of the era. I hope that students will uphold the spirit of higher, faster, stronger, and more united sports, and strive bravely and dare to take the lead at this Sports Culture Festival. They will showcase their youthful spirit of self-improvement and daring to climb new heights, demonstrate their style and level, and showcase the outstanding abilities and physical and mental health of civil engineering students with infinite vitality. Sun Huacai, Minister of the Organization Department of the Party Committee of the Fourth Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Communications Second Navigation Bureau, warmly congratulated the successful opening of this sports and cultural festival. And expressed the hope that through the implementation of the Sports Culture Festival, we can further deepen school enterprise cooperation, establish long-term and stable school enterprise cooperation relationships, and create a community of interests and development. To cultivate and cultivate more outstanding talents for the development of national infrastructure, truly achieve the complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit, and common development of school enterprise cooperation, and work together to create the China Communications Model of joint consultation, sharing, and construction of school enterprise cooperation. Subsequently, Wang Dongpo, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the college, presented a thank-you letter to the enterprise on behalf of the college, expressing gratitude to the Fourth Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Communications Second Navigation Bureau for its strong support for this event. Zhao Mingfeng, a 2023 undergraduate majoring in water conservancy and hydropower engineering, delivered a speech on behalf of all athletes. 2023 undergraduate student in civil engineering, Ania, represents all the judges and takes the oath. Finally, Teacher Nie Jinsong, Deputy Director of the School's Sports Department, announced the opening of the sports festival.

After careful design and organization in the early stage, this year's sports and cultural festival integrates sports and art, with rich content and diverse forms. It emphasizes inheritance and innovation, and promotes popularization and improvement simultaneously. It is divided into four modules: sports competition, national fitness, fun sports, and youth music, with more than 30 projects. It is the most attended, most comprehensive, and largest cultural festival in the history of the college.

The Grassland Music Festival held on the evening of the 14th is a new element integrated into this sports and cultural festival. Accompanied by the melodious and lively sound of the piano, the music festival kicked off. Two performers, Qi Jiale and Ma Shiquan, respectively brought songs Summer and Tornado. The black and white keys played colorful notes, and the beautiful melody took away a day's troubles. The performers integrated emotions into their fingertips, bringing spiritual healing to the audience and creating an atmosphere for the concert. The songs brought by Zhao Wenxuan and other classmates were burned together, expressing the young students' feelings towards themselves, their alma mater Deeply expressing emotions and wishes for the motherland, it showcases the youthful vitality of civil engineering students. Teacher Jiang Xiaoyan from the architecture department of the college and students sang the excerpts of the Huangmei opera Tian Xian Pai together, and the passionate performance was very infectious, winning bursts of applause. At the end of the event, a classic song The Sea and the Sky was brought by the band Liangye. The familiar melody resounded through the playground, pushing the event to a climax, and the concert ended in the form of a choir. The civil engineering teachers and students of this youth concert gathered on the same platform, self edited, directed, and performed, attracting nearly a thousand spectators to stop and watch, fully showcasing the enthusiasm and talent of the college teachers and students, and promoting the integration of sports, art, and education.

On the field, the athletes of the college are chasing each other, with full enthusiasm and high emotions, fighting bravely to break through themselves, and running hard to surpass their limits. Their enthusiasm is like the wind, blowing throughout the entire playground; Their passion ignited into the hearts of everyone. Finally, after two days of intense competition, on the afternoon of the 15th, the various sports events of this sports festival were successfully concluded, with a total of 24 individual awards and 8 collective awards determined. At the closing ceremony, relevant leaders of the college, representatives of teachers from various departments, and all political cadres presented awards to the award-winning individuals and groups.

The goal of this activity is to serve the comprehensive development of students and enhance their overall quality. It aims to shape students' excellent qualities and teamwork spirit of tenacious struggle and courage to work hard. It helps students enjoy fun, improve their personality, and temper their willpower through physical exercise and aesthetic education. It further promotes the construction of the college's sports culture, strengthens the college's aesthetic education function, and cultivates new generations who bear the responsibility of national rejuvenation.

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