The School of Civil Engineering held the 2023 Freshman Opening Ceremony and Teacher Student Meeting

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On the afternoon of September 24th, the College of Civil Engineering and Water Conservancy held the 2023 freshman opening ceremony and teacher-student meeting. The ceremony set up the main venue of the Hefei campus and the branch venue of the Xuancheng campus, which were synchronized through online live streaming. Members of the college's party and government leadership team, as well as colleagues in charge of relevant work at Xuancheng Campus College, attended the ceremony. More than 1100 secretaries of various departments (centers) of the college, representatives of new class teachers, teachers, all counselors and teachers of the college, 2023 undergraduate, master's, and doctoral students attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Wei Ting, Deputy Secretary of the College Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission.

At the ceremony, the dean of the college, Wang Jingfeng, expressed a warm welcome to the 2023 freshmen on behalf of all the faculty and staff of the college in his speech, and gave a detailed introduction to the college's historical evolution, organizational structure, faculty and talent, professional disciplines, research achievements and key directions, and cultural characteristics. He encouraged all the freshmen to firmly adhere to their ideals and beliefs, forge ahead, shoulder great responsibilities, and climb new heights bravely; Respect scientific knowledge, establish a strong sense of teamwork, focus on the forefront, and overcome difficulties; Strive to grow into a backbone and leading talent with excellent abilities and moral integrity, consciously serving the country, in a cultural atmosphere of intersection, integration, openness, and sharing.

Teacher Wang Dongpo, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute, read out the Decision on Commending the Good Teacher in My Heart of the 2023 School of Civil and Water Conservancy Engineering. Subsequently, the commended teachers took the stage one by one, and the attending guests presented awards to them. Student representatives presented flowers to express gratitude and blessings.

Wei Ting, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute, read out the Decision on the Appointment of 2023 Undergraduate Class Teachers of the School of Civil and Water Conservancy Engineering at Hefei Campus, and the attending guests presented the appointment letter to the representative of the undergraduate class teacher.

The college has selected 8 outstanding representatives as undergraduate mentors for 2023 freshmen in relevant industries and fields, including 6 industry mentors and 2 ideological and political mentors. At the ceremony, Professor Wu Shanggou, a representative of the first batch of undergraduate industry mentors and alumni from the Department of Modern Mechanics at the University of Science and Technology of China, deeply reviewed his beautiful and fulfilling university years at the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Technology. He encouraged his younger students to become new era civil servants who establish innovative thinking, cultivate a spirit of cooperation, and bravely shoulder responsibilities and missions, using their own practical actions to fulfill the mission of serving the country through industry. Associate Professor Zhao Chunfeng, representing the faculty of the college, combines his research direction and teaching and research experience to encourage students to have dreams, be down-to-earth, study hard, climb new heights, and continuously move forward to achieve their life goals in the hot land of the Civil Engineering College. Chu Chaoqun, a graduate student majoring in Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology in 2023, Ye Huacai, an undergraduate student in Class 5 of Civil Engineering in 2023 at Hefei Campus, and Chen Yan, an undergraduate student in Class 5 of Urban Underground Space Engineering in 2023 at Xuancheng Campus, shared the learning and life experiences of entering the University of Technology on behalf of all the new students. They are determined to pursue their youthful dreams and write a wonderful chapter in life in the new journey where opportunities and challenges coexist.

Alumni representing the 2007 alumni of the Civil Engineering major and associate professor of the School of Civil Engineering and Water Resources at Tsinghua University, Wang Facheng, 2023 alumni of the Surveying and Mapping Engineering major, and members of the 25th graduate teaching group of the university, Li Chenxi and Zhu Lidong, as well as parents representing the 2023 freshman Liu Fangyu, sent messages and blessings to their classmates through video.

The college choir students sang the song As Wish, expressing their best wishes for all new students' college study and life. Teacher Liu Zhong, the 2023 level counselor of the college, led all new students to raise their right fist and solemnly swear, expressing the mission and responsibility of civil engineering students to contribute to the peace of the river and the prosperity of the city with a resounding oath.

After the ceremony, the vice presidents of the college, Zhang Zhenhua and Wang Changjian, respectively, conducted in-depth interpretations of teaching management regulations and policies, technological innovation, and academic integrity, enabling students to fully understand the training requirements, construction and development, research directions, and employment needs of their majors, and strengthening the professional identity of new students.

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